The Leisure Customer’s Adoption of Biometric Technologies in Hotels

A recent study reveals that over 80% of leisure guests are favourably pre-disposed to use biometric technologies for guest services, particularly sport and outdoor activities. This research also reveals that leisure customers who are most receptive to using biometrics are those which are already “technology friendly” and issues, such as speed of processing and accurate identification, are perceived as the main drivers of adoption.Though previous research has indicated that the main barrier to customer adoption of biometrics may be the risk of loss of privacy, this study reveals that this is not a main concern, these respondents were willing to trade off the benefits of speed and accuracy against privacy concerns.

From research on a sample of over 300 hotel leisure guests, conducted at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL), investigating the possibilities of introducing biometric technologies into the hotel experience. By Damien Rottet and Hilary Murphy