FREEKEY® is a unique biometric control system using only a person's pre-enrolled voice passphrase to verify his/her Identity.

FREEKEY® can be applied to any situation requiring personalized authentication, with the added convenience of truly hands-free operation. This technology requires no external apparatus such as a card or key FOB, nor expensive biometric readers as is the case with fingerprint or iris verification.

All personal identity information is stored within the SVM unit, nothing is exposed to public communications or hackers, and passphrases can be changed by the user any time.

FREEKEY® is designed as a complete unit for installation where actuation devices already exist such as car door locks or garage doors. The SR 10 Core is the heart of FREEKEY®. It is designed to minimize real estate, and can be custom designed for integration into OEM products.

Main applications include:

  • Access

vehicles, vessels, aircraft, caravans/RVs, buildings, gates, drug cabinets, etc.

  • Machine control

plant start/stop, conveyors, engines, etc.

  • Safety

child-proofing kitchen cupboards, cabinets for cleaning products or medicines

dangerous goods containers

weapons lockers

And ???  (let us know what your ideas are!)


The FREEKEY® system can be engineered to provide several levels of authentication to increase selectivity of the user. It can also be customized to increase the number of users without compromising speed or accuracy. Please contact us for more information.