Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on my car ?

If your car has electronic locks, then FREEKEY® will work. It acts like a physical key or remote on the vehicles's locks, immobilizers and alarms. Contact an authorized installer or automotive electrician for more information.

Can I still use my existing key and remote after installing FREEKEY®?

Yes, everything works still as normal. FREEKEY® adds the hands-free convenience of using your voice to lock and unlock the doors, and arm or disarm security features, but you still need the keys to start the engine.

Can anyone say my password and drive my car ?

No, FREEKEY® is designed to ignore random phrases or passwords spoken by others.
FREEKEY® operates the electronic locks as if a key were used in the physical lock, the actual key is still required to drive the car.

What other features are available on my vehicle using FREEKEY®?

The FREEKEY® module can output control signals for locking and unlocking the doors, arming and disarming alarms and immobilizers. It does not interfere with any other systems.