FREEKEY® User Guide




NOTE: The main advantage of FREEKEY® is its ability to precisely select the correct speaker based on the spoken passphrase being VERY close to that recorded at enrollment. FREEKEY® will ignore any variation and do nothing - that's its job! The responsibility is on the user to match what they enrolled - this takes some practice!

The user simply wakes FREEKEY®, then speaks their previously enrolled passphrase into the microphone. If FREEKEY® decides the match is good, then the doors will lock or unlock within one second. If the match is not good enough, the LED stays on indicating that FREEKEY® is still listening and continues for 30 seconds. Try again and change how you say your passphrase just a little.

Once the LED turns off, FREEKEY® goes back to sleep and will require waking for the next use. Up to 5 Users can be enrolled on the system, with the first two having admin rights to the User Menu.


User Menu

The User Menu provides functions to add or erase users, and change Configuration settings. It is always accessible even with no users trained, and is available for ~10 seconds following a verification by either Admin user which results in FREEKEY® switching to an unlocked state. The LED will be on during this period.

To access the various functions when the User Menu is active, PRESS and HOLD the User Button. The Menu options play in round-robin fashion.

Responses;            "Train" 2 second pause

                           "Erase" 2 second pause

                           "Settings Menu" 2 second pause

                           "Cancel" 2 second pause, the menu repeats if button held.

Releasing the User Button during the short pause following any of the prompts allows additional options to be selected by similar press-release actions:

"Train"- release - "Training User One" - press and release - "User One please say your password" - say password -                                          "Repeat" - repeat password - "Training complete"

"Erase"-  release - Erase User One, are you sure?” - press and release - “User One erased”.

"Settings Menu" - Select from the following Configure modes.

                    "Security Level" - "Low" - "Normal" - "High"

                    "Prompt Mode" - "Silent" - "Normal" - "Friendly"


Wake Function

FREEKEY® is normally in sleep mode to save battery power, and can be woken either by pressing the Wakeup Switch or by speaking near the microphone if Voice Wakeup is fitted and enabled. The User Button can also be used to wake FREEKEY®.


Adding Users



The first and second users to be enrolled have "admin" status, enabling them to train or erase additional users and to change the FREEKEY® user settings.

We strongly recommend finding an outdoor location that is as quiet as possible to add or update users. Make sure that the vehicle audio system is switched off, and any mobile phones are on silent. This ensures a clean, stable capture of your voice that will allow superior performance from FREEKEY®.

Speak in a calm, relaxed manner, as close as possible to the microphone, when asked for your password, and whenever using FREEKEY®.

It is recommended to practice your chosen phrase a few times before training. Listen for gaps and try to eliminate them as you repeat the phrase - practice makes perfect!

To train the first user, PRESS and HOLD the User Button.

FREEKEY® will respond with a "BEEP" and speak the items in the User Menu. Releasing the button after any item enters that section.

                           "Train" - 2 second pause

                           "Erase" - 2 second pause

                           "Settings Menu" - 2 second pause

                           "Cancel" - the menu repeats.

RELEASE the User Button immediately after "Train".

Response:         "BEEP" "Training user one"

System enters low power sleep mode.

PRESS and RELEASE the User Button.

FREEKEY® wakes and responds:         "User one, please say your password"

Speak your chosen passphrase as soon as the LED illuminates - do not delay! (5-7 continuous syllables with NO gaps - See Tips and Troubleshooting page). If the passhrase is accepted, FREEKEY® will respond:    "Repeat"

REPEAT your passphrase - If the passphrase is not accepted, FREEKEY® will say why and wait for another attempt. Press the User Button to try again.

Response:         "BEEP" "Training complete"

                          "Please say your password"

REPEAT your passphrase

Response:         "Password accepted" "BEEP" "Arm"

Your FREEKEY® is ready for use.


Refresh or Update your Passphrase!

If a user is experiencing difficulty with verifying, their original enrollment may require updating. This is achieved simply by waking FREEKEY® with the User Button instead of the Wakeup button or audio, and saying your passphrase when prompted. All enrolled users automatically refresh and update their passphrase each time they wake FREEKEY® with the User Button. It is strongly recommended that updating is carried out in a quiet location outdoors.

Following a User Button wakeup, if FREEKEY® determines that the spoken passphrase is outside set accuracy limits, it will derive a new template from the current one. This allows subtle changes to made to the user's trained passphrase, as the voice changes over time. If such an adjustment is made the LED will flash several times. If no adjustment - no LED, indicating that the current template is stable.

Hint: It is recommended that the user refresh or update their passphrase carefully after becoming familiar with operating FREEKEY®. As with any password, it is also wise to change it occasionally!


Erasing Users

The first two (Admin) users can erase other users in reverse order from their training. The last user enrolled is the first to be erased. The process can be repeated until all users are erased. After User One is erased the LED will flash once and the system goes into sleep mode but continues to listen for an audio wakeup (if audio wakeup function is connected).

Users 3 to 5 are prevented from enrolling or erasing other users.

To erase a user, wake FREEKEY® from a 'Locked/Armed' state and say your passphrase.

Response:        "Password accepted""BEEP...BEEP" "Disarm" LED on for 8 seconds.

Immediately PRESS and HOLD the User Button.

Responses;               "Train" 2 second pause

                             "Erase" 2 second pause

                             "Settings Menu" 2 second pause

                             "Cancel" 2 second pause, the menu repeats if button held.

RELEASE the User Button immediately after "Erase".

Response:        "Erase User three, are you sure?" "BEEP...BEEP" (LED flashes until confirmed).

PRESS and RELEASE the User Button to confirm.

Response:        "User three erased"


Restore Factory Settings

To erase ALL users and restore FREEKEY® to it's default user settings, PRESS and HOLD the Reset button S2 for more than 5 seconds. "BEEP" then wait for "BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP" (four beeps).

RELEASE the Reset Button.

Response:    "Arm...Configuration Erase"

After a short delay, the LED flashes and your FREEKEY® is reset to the factory default user settings with no users trained. 

                       "System ready"

NOTE : Installer configuration settings are not reset by this process. Such settings remain fixed for the duration of the installation of FREEKEY®.