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Voice Security Systems Inc.

Dana Point, CA


Austec Electronics (NZ) Limited is a private company registered in New Zealand in 1995.

 Austec Electronics formed an alliance with Voice-Security Systems Inc. a California company specialising in voice signal processing, to bring to market the ground-breaking FREEKEY ® SPEAKER VERIFICATION technology. This alliance combined Austec's expertise in electronic identification system design with VSS's patented voice biometric authentication software.

This unique technology is designed to provide keyless access in countless applications in the transportation and building arenas.


Austec Electronics (NZ) Limited, continues a long line of successful innovations initiated by its predecessor Canadian companies.

Notable contributions to transportation endure as;

1    The EZ-Pass toll system in North America

For a comprehensive description and history, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-ZPass with special reference to MarkIV’s “Roadcheck” system. This technology and original equipment was designed and built in Canada by Austec Electronic Systems Ltd.

2    Altech Netstar’s stolen vehicle recovery system in Southern Africa and Malaysia. This system was designed in Canada by Austec Electronic Systems Ltd and implemented in South Africa by Netstar Pty Ltd in 1994.

For information, please visit: http://www.netstar.co.za


                                                FREEKEY ® is protected by U.S. Patents Pending.